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Dancing in the sheets.

You can’t see them, but in your bed right now is an army of dust mites, feasting on—ew—dead skin cells. Plenty to eat, perfect environment—warm, dark and humid—why would they go anywhere else? Eat and poo, make more dust mites, eat and poo. It’s a regular paradise.

These little buggers never bother most of us, but if you wake up with headaches, stuffy noses, allergic shiners (dark circles under the eyes) or all of the above, you may be allergic. Not to the mites, but to their—dare we say it out loud?—waste.

To keep dust mites under control, cover all mattresses and pillows in your room with mite-proof allergy covers. Also, wash everything on the bed(s)—sheets, blankets, etc—in hot water (130 degrees F) at least every two weeks.

Posted: 5/31/08
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Can't argue with that!