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"I have so enjoyed your book! It is easy to digest and very down to earth and so relative to us all. And the 30 day change emails are so helpful and upbeat." -Stephanie
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Because life's too expensive.

Dah-ling, you look mah-velous. That jacket is—there’s no other word for it—exquisite. And where did you ever find those shoes?

And you swore you’d never shop at a thrift store. Clearly, you hadn’t found a good enough deal.

Until you started doing the bargain circuit. And discovered there’s something so utterly exhilarating about finding what you’re after—clothes, housewares, tools, whatever—at a fraction of what you’d normally pay. Looking for deals has become an art form… an obsession… a full-blown addiction.

Garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores—they’re all out there, just waiting to show you the deal of the century, if you’re willing to weed through a little junk along the way.

Fine print: Bargain hunting can, in rare cases, lead to financial ruin. First30Days assumes no responsibility for members who start buying things they don’t need just because they find a great deal.

Posted: 5/19/08
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I have always like going to those kind of places,you find things you wouldn't ordinarily find at your local(favorite) whatever discount store,besides theres normally only 1,and ALOT of times very different things.