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"I want you to know that I love your website. It is so informative and easy to read. It is one of the best I have ever come across-so bright and cheerful." -Mary
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Join the Do-ers of Do-ville.

“Who me, volunteer?” in your Grinch voice you say,
“I can’t now, I’m busy, there’s no time today.
Go ask Katerina or Kayla or Kirk.
They’re much better suited to this kind of work.”

Stop making excuses, say yes, start a trend.
There’s much more to life than how much you can spend.
Just do what the Grinch did, turn life right around.
Spend time helping others, start breaking new ground.

According to studies, do-gooders they flourish,
Your body and soul, these good deeds they will nourish.
You’ll live that much longer, be happy and well,
And certainly end up in heaven, not—er… isn’t that swell?

So focus on someone instead of yourself,
And add a great book to the ones on your shelf.
It’s Why Good Things Happen to Good People, read it.
Inside, Post and Neimark insist that we need it.
We need to give back, though you won’t see the prizes
Until, like the Grinch’s, your heart grows three sizes.

Posted: 5/18/08
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