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Got Oat Milk?

What milk?

Oat milk.

Goat milk?

OAT milk.

Oats are with the cereal, milk’s in Dairy.

Unless you’re vegan (consume no animal products) or have a milk allergy, you’ve probably never heard of oat milk, but it actually exists. Introduced within the last year or so, oat milk’s mild, nutty flavor goes especially well with most breakfast foods. It’s also a great substitute for low-fat milk in cooking and baking.

Replacing whole milk with oat milk is a great way to avoid saturated fat, which can increase cholesterol levels. Oat milk is also a good source of calcium, vitamin E, folic acid and amino acids.

If you can’t find oat milk in your local health food store, try whipping up your own using the recipe links at Godairyfree.org. And, give yourself a pat on the back for trying something new.

Posted: 4/6/08
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that sounds like a great idea.