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"It's good to be reminded that we have these tools within ourselves, but it is always good to be re-inspired by people like you. Thank you for your authenticity." -Margie
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Diary of an Undergarment

That big ol’ bully washing machine. Talk about agitating. Imagine being tossed around with those callous, insensitive garments. My fabric is wearing thin, I tell you. One more episode and I might just snap.

I was taken to the cleaners once, but fell off the hanger and thought I’d never…(sniffle).

All I want is a little respect—and to be washed by hand. You’ll save money on dry cleaning, and I’ll last that much longer. Maybe even longer if you use an eco-friendly detergent like Saferforyourhome.com. (Those harsh soaps are so abrasive.)

Oh, and one more thing. Hang me up when you’re done. Dryers wear me out. Heat and elasticity don’t mix, you know.

Now about that Lilliputian-sized TV…

Posted: 4/5/08
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