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Tap Your Inner Well

You know water is good for you. But if you hear the “eight glasses a day” line one more time, you might just have to boycott the life-sustaining beverage. At least, then you wouldn’t have to lug another case of water into the house. Couldn’t someone just hook you up to an IV?

No, but you might be able to jerry-rig a straw to the kitchen sink.

That is, so you can start drinking tap water. Not only will you save your back, but you’ll save a whole bunch of money. Drinking eight glasses of tap water a day costs around 50 cents a year. Drinking the same amount of bottled water will set you back—are you ready for this?—about $1,500, according to a Cosmopolitan study.

Anyone have any extra duct tape?

Posted: 4/16/08
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ariane, i love your tips, but i sincerely believe drinking "tap" water is NOT a good advice at all. so many health hazards found in tap water nowadays -- even in most bottled waters i'd say -- that it's worth spending the extra money and setting up a good filter instead to get *healthy* water.


In response, I've read that a person should drink their body weight in ounces. If I was 150 lbs, then I should drink 150oz of H2O.


In fact, the "eight glasses of water per day" advice is bogus - there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support it, and never has been. It also makes no sense - why would a 105 pound woman need to drink as much water, daily, as (for example) a 250 pound man?