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Look, Ma-No Hands!

Another restless night, tossing and turning. Your neck and shoulders are killing you. It’s not like you went to the gym today or anything. (Oh, right, you aren’t even a member.) It’s just another long day at the office.

Too much time on the phone perchance?

Consider a hands-free headset. Cradling the phone against your shoulder for any length of time while writing, flipping through files or anything else that requires two hands definitely takes its toll—not just on you, but on the phone, when it smashes to the floor.

Even at home, headsets can save your neck, for example, if you chat while cooking or working on projects. It feels a little strange at first, but once you get used to having your hands free, you may never go back.

Just promise you won’t use it walking through the grocery store. It confuses small children.

Posted: 4/15/08
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