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Unplug Your Electronics

You’re hanging with your buddy Jim when you notice an itty-bitty light in the dark recesses of his kitchen. Could it be…? Yes, you’re sure of it now. Jim’s toaster is most definitely plugged in.

Do you:

A) Ignore the light, chalking it up to Jim’s absentmindedness.
B) Secretly unplug said toaster when Jim gets up to use the loo.
C) Kindly remind Jim to unplug the appliance—it’s a fire hazard.
D) Shout, “Dammit, Jim. You’re wasting electricity!”

The correct answer is D (we’ll give partial credit for C). Appliances continue to consume energy even when they aren’t in use, so by telling him you’re doing him a favor. He’ll save on his electric bill by unplugging his toaster—and TV, DVD players, etc.—when he’s not using them.

Plus, Jim will feel good about helping the environment. The International Energy Agency estimates that unused appliances are responsible for 1% of the world’s carbon emissions.

Posted: 4/14/08
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this is very funny!
but really a good idea. i keep things i don't use often like the printer or toaster oven unplugged all the time. no sense wasting electricity.

  • By bstarr
  • on 4/14/08 11:36 AM EST