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"I wish I had enough words to express what your book has done for me. Thank you over and over. It's like a guidebook to life. When I don't remember how to navigate, or even that I can, it reminds me. What a precious gift."-Deborah
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Google This, Yahoo That

Every time you search the net, it’s the same old thing. And, why not? The biggest search engines are the quickest way to find what you need. But, what if you knew of an equally good search engine that donated a penny or two to your favorite cause every time you searched?

Well, duh. You’d use that one.

Meet GoodSearch. It’s powered by Yahoo, so it offers the same good results. And yes, it really donates money as you search. Or, should we say, the advertisers do. Whenever you click on an advertiser’s link, that advertiser pays a fee. Goodsearch donates 50% of the money generated by these ad clicks—an estimated penny per search—to the cause of your choice.

Another great option is CatchTomorrow. They donate half their revenues to the public-school district of your choice.

If I had a penny for every time…. Well, now you do—to give to charity.

Posted: 3/28/08
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