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Belated Birthdays Begone

This year, you’re going to remember everyone’s birthday. You’re no flake. You’ll remember every aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, in-law, neighbor, coworker and friend if it’s the last thing you do. This humiliation of getting cards from people whose existence you’ve forgotten MUST stop.

So let’s see, how is this year going to be any different than the last? You’re writing everyone’s birthday on your calendar—again—but you’ll probably forget to look at it—again. What you need is some sort of reminder system. Hmm. You can’t really afford a personal assistant, but you can afford to pay absolutely nothing.

That’s it—a birthday-reminder service.

Right this minute, jump online, go to Happybirthday.com or BirthdayAlarm.com and sign up. Enter everyone’s birthday once and you’ll receive email reminders about each one.

Reminding you to purchase one of their cards or gifts, of course, but what do you want for nothin’?

Posted: 3/27/08
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