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Move On with Your Life

Feeling emotionally tense lately? Angry? Sad? Have you experienced a recent increase in heart rate or blood pressure? Run, don’t walk, to the nearest hospital…

… and forgive them. For all that badmouthing. They didn’t mean to operate on the wrong earlobe. All those negative feelings you’re holding onto are making you miserable.

Forgiving isn’t easy. It’s basically doing something nice for the person who dissed you. So, do it for yourself. Forgiveness helps you feel better psychologically and physiologically. In her work with Vietnam veterans, Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet found that people who struggled to forgive had higher incidences of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and hostility.

If you prefer to think of it in more spiritual terms, forgive to open your heart, unclutter your spirit and accept new blessings.

You have nothing to lose but your grudges.

Posted: 3/19/08
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It's so hard to forgive when resentments are so deep seated. I struggle with trying to forgive daily, but the hurt feelings and hurtful memories just won't go away.

  • By Jlittle
  • on 5/17/08 9:33 PM EST