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Make an Anti-Resolution

Make an Anti-Resolution

It’s finally here. The last day of 2008, a year that’s been—well, memorable. Let’s just say, thank goodness for fresh starts!

Tonight’s the night we’re supposed to make resolutions about doing things better next year. We commit to all these giant changes, just because it’s New Year’s Eve, and then can’t live up to them because—well, frankly, they’re unrealistic. But for one night, anything is possible, right?

This New Year’s Eve, don’t set yourself up to fail. One or two small resolutions, like putting the cap on the toothpaste to save your marriage, might work. But for the most part, spend tonight reflecting on the positives of 2008. Hey, gas prices are down—that’s a start. Think of everything that’s happened to you personally over the past twelve months. Have you been through any major changes? Overcome any milestones? Sit down with friends or family members and toast the events or situations you’re most grateful for.

Then, make an anti-resolution. Instead of joining a gym and losing 50 pounds by spring, say you'll add 10-15 minutes of walking per day to your current routine. Or that you won't eat after 7:00 p.m. Those are changes you just might be able to stick to and see results from over time! We've got tons of ideas on how to change positively in the new year.

It's up to you to make them your own!


Posted: 12/31/08
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Very good points. It is so easy to create a big mountain to climb and then collapse at the thought of it two weeks later.

By adding small, positive changes as you state, we can easily build habits that will last.

One of the best tips I've seen is from Eben Pagan, who talks about how we have such little will power, that we need to apply it to creating small habits each day. Once we do something for 30 days, it will become a habit and we will stick with it.

The big "mind mountains" can sap that little reserve of will power. Your small positive changes are the perfect antidote!

Thanks for the great advice.

And Happy New Year!