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Use Your Words

Use Your Words

When we think stress release, we tend to picture things like exercise and meditation (or something a little, uh...friskier). But you can feel better at a moment’s notice without ever breaking a sweat (or your back). Whenever you’re feeling edgy, grab a journal or laptop and spill it. Write down whatever comes to mind, from that moment’s feelings to your entire life story. Whether it's two lines or an entire notebook, releasing words and emotions onto paper can be cathartic.

Plus, you get to use big words like cathartic, and who doesn't like that?

We know, journaling is soooo 2002. But think of it this way--taking the time daily, weekly or even sporadically to pour out the ramblings of your heart and head truly can help you see the patterns in your life, both the good ones and the ones you want to change. If nothing else, you'll have a record of all the strides you've made in accomplishing your goals (and a very tangible reminder of your mistakes should you "accidentally" try to make them again.) Think of it as a way to steer yourself toward the life you want. Allow yourself to rant, to rave and to dream big. In a journal, you're only limited by yourself...so let it all out!

Posted: 11/1/08
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Me too, I journalize and its helps me release some of my cluttered thoughts and it helps me reflect from previous entries about my pattern of thinking and so on..journalizing is a plus for anyone at any age!


I am doing a similar exercise. I was unaware of long buried memories of a large part of my childhood until they started to re-emerge after the death of my mother in 2001. To look at these painful, sad episodes, in order to let them go, to release and forgive all involved, I need to get them down on paper. And that is cathartic !
A class, MEMOIRS, has helped greatly and I am discovering I have a story to tell -- my life experience -- which is unique from that of anyone else. It is what has shaped me to be who I am. And tho' no one else may ever read it, just the writing of it will have let me release that which truly no longer serves me!! YAHO-O-O-O!!


I find writing helps me organize my thoughts. It's also good to look back and see how your life has progressed.