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"I feel better already after sharing only a couple of my stories." -Tina
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Get Generously.

Get Generously.

Churchbells are ringing, doves are cooing and money’s changing hands so fast the banks are smoking. It’s wedding season, and brides and grooms across the land are opening gift after gift after gift…

Oh look, a crystal dog dish and matching olive tray.

Brides- and grooms-to-be, imagine if, for every gift you opened, others less fortunate than yourselves received something, too. The I Do Foundation offers to help you bring a charitable focus to your wedding. Just register at one of the I Do Foundation’s partner stores—Target, Cooking.com and Linens and Things, among others—and up to 10% of the purchase price of your gifts will be donated to the charitable organization of your choice.

Already have everything you need? Register for charitable donations only.

Then again, maybe just a few presents…

Posted: 6/12/08
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What a lovely and loving idea. I hope this catches on.