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Question:If you only had one bathroom would you replace the tub for a nice big shower?

Most of the people I speak to about this think I am crazy for wanting to free up some bathroom space -by removing the tub and replacing with an over sized shower. Curious what your thoughts are on the resale appeal? Do people really want a tub? (note my apartment most likely won't be purchased by a young family -- too small).


Asked by LivingTheDream on 3/26/08 1 Answer»


Great questions!!

All my life I've had a "Sh'bath" as my friends call it. (Shower/Bath) combo. Recently our apartment was renovated and in order to make more room in the bathroom we built an over sized shower. It really does save room even though it is over sized. We LOVE it. We put in these amazing sliding glass doors and it's wonderful. It's also easy to clean! You don't have to lean over the tub and feel like you are going to go in head first.

Anyway, I'm all for it!! Good luck.

Answered by: C_Wachten on 3/26/08
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