Kelly S. Jones

on Buying a Home
Certified Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Akashic Record Consultant

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What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?

There are three qualities of Chi, energy, the Chinese speak of that I personally agree with. 1. Everything is alive with Chi. 2. Everything is interconnected. 3. Everything is constantly changing. Therefore, ‘times of change’ is a constant phenomenon. Thus, the belief I adhere to is one of “I am the creator of my life”. If the changes I am experiencing are not to my liking, I identify what it is, how I am creating it and then identify the best way for me to adjust my beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions in order to create the reality I am looking to experience.

The best thing about change is...

The best thing about change is I am continuously, without exception, given the opportunity to make choices that allow me to tweak, modify, expand or even change the course of my life at any given ‘now’ moment!

What is the best change you have ever made?

The absolute best change I ever made in my life was one of accepting the understanding that I am responsible, in the best possible sense, for the life I have created. Having discovered the Law of Attraction, my power to Manifest, the power of my Thoughts, Emotions and Actions, the truth that I am not a victim--never was, never will be--has completely empowered me to live my life as I choose to!

Advice on Change

First and foremost, pay attention to how a home makes you feel! When you first arrive and when you walk into the home, take a moment to pause, check yourself for any sensations you feel in your body. If you feel good then it’s a house worth considering. If you immediately feel your stomach tighten, your head hurt or an uncomfortable sensation, you are encountering the first layer of vibrational non-alignment. Proceed with caution.

Now, let’s look at the exterior environment. Make sure the land supports plant life! Are the trees, grass and vegetation healthy? If not, chances are the chi or energy of the land isn’t sufficient to support the home and its occupants either.

Check to see if the ‘Armchair Theory’ is adhered to. This theory states, the home should have support at the back and sides--with walls, fences or landscaping--to contain the life-giving force called chi in order to nourish and support the occupants. The front of the home is best open, unobstructed and expansive. This welcomes the energy, bringing with it prosperity and opportunities.

As financial dilemmas heighten for many, it is paramount to select a home that not only supports us physically but financially as well! One sure fire way to reduce the money drain is to avoid a home that has a front door directly aligned with a back door. Don’t work hard making money only to find it’s slipping out the back!

So what should you see when you enter a home? Ideally, you want an area that is spacious enough to bring energy in, allow it to accumulate and then disperse throughout the home. This looks like a room or foyer in which the walls are at least 6 feet beyond the door and is bright and inviting! The chi here must be uplifting, eliciting a wonderful feeling whether you’re coming or going.

About Kelly S. Jones

Kelly S. Jones is a certified Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Akashic Record Consultant serving national and international clientele. Each service uniquely allows individuals the opportunity to identify and shift personal and spatial blocks, patterns and beliefs in order to bring about life-transforming changes that result in greater happiness, success, clarity and inspiration. All services are available in person or via the phone. Kelly offers classical Feng Shui Consultations for homes and businesses, from planning to decorating, for nearly a decade as well as authentic Chinese Astrology and has been consulting the Akashic Records for clients since 2002. She has studied under the tutelage of five world-renowned Feng Shui Masters and trained with 4th generation Akashic Record teacher Lauralyn Bunn.

Kelly Jones works with three independent and yet integrated modalities to best meet your needs.

First through Feng Shui she designs your environment to support you. Second, by consulting your Akashic Records she will get Masterful guidance for you. And third, Chinese Astrology provides you a clear path forward.

If you need a little boost or a giant step forward in your business or personal life, you can only benefit with Kelly Jones Feng Shui or as she likes to say