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Win a New Home!

If you're in the middle of your ode to Mr. Bigglesworth, it's time to put your pen down. Clementina Marie Giovannetti has cancelled her "best pet lover" essay contest, so your chances of winning her $1.25 million house have been eliminated.

Giovanetti, a self -published author whose last book was about her golden retriever, says she started the contest in order to "bless someone else's life with this magnificent house." However, local real estate professionals say she may have just come up with a creative scheme to unload her property during this tough market.

In addition to submitting an essay, Giovanetti was asking that contestants also pay a $200 entrance fee. She said she only received 38 essays, a mere 6,212 short of her goal of 6,250. For the record, 6,250x$200=yup, you guessed it, $1.25 million. Florida's gambling laws prevent homeowners from giving away their homes in lottery style raffles, but Giovannetti was able to circumvent these laws because her contest was based on talent rather than chance.

Although the contest has been cancelled, we believe we got our hands on what would have been the winning essay:
Fido, oh Fido! wherefore art there dear Fido?
Deny thy sire and refuse thy breed
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my loyal friend
And I'll no longer be a Cat-ulet

Just kidding. But would you have spent $200 in the hopes of winning a million dollar home? [Sun Sentinel]

Posted: 6/19/08

"Gosh" I would have spent $200 to enter a chance just to have my own home.. Melissa