"Congratulations on the web site and your life's work... you have a wonderful way about you and, obviously, make a huge difference in the lives of others." -Mike
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Michael Anthony

Teacher and author of How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing...

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Tim Ferriss

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Shared by myinspirationlounge on 2/10/09

I have often wondered why God is taking so many friends, family members and my job out of my life. I believe that he is setting me up for a new life, filled with more than I can possibly imagine. For I would have never made any of these changes on my own for they brought me a lot of sadness in the last 4 years. I am still struggling with the chances since nothing better has happened as of yet, but still I trust and have belief in God's plan that will happen ifor me..in his timing.


Living big! Telling it how it is! What you see is what you get! . . . "Yes To be, love & live my most real, wise self for the rest of my life!" This is who I am becoming!! It's amazing how many people don't like these changes, but I Am Focusing On The Best I Can Be For The Rest Of My Life!!