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Be-Friend, Be-Happy


I just recently discovered that to be-friend someone will cause you to be-happy! The definition of be-friend is, to make friends, or become friendly with; act as a friend to; help; aid: to befriend the poor and the weak.
It is important to reach out and invite people into our lives as we move toward our personal goals of, pursuing our dreams, finding true happiness, growing personally, and stimulating our new interest. What a great way to achieve all of this, then by befriending someone. When I have been asked, what truly makes me happy, I have told them helping others. I have thought to myself, that MUST sound corny, however now I know that this is real and the result of befriending. I have recently discovered that to befriend someone a.k.a. helping them, not only does it make a difference in the other person’s life, but it has an even greater impact on mine. We do grow personally, engage in activities that will help us to pursue our dreams, and do find true happiness by helping others. So, I am not sure I will wait for someone to ask for my help, but maybe offer a little more, reach out to lost friends more often, and make it a point to try and befriend as many people as I can. My father used to say you can never have too many friends and now I know why. It brings you an abundance of “real” happiness, the kind that can’t be bought, or given.

I have been fortunate to have been be-friended by some truly wonderful souls, and if that is because I am helping others, then onward I will not walk but run. Anyone for a run?

Shared by carlabeau on 1/22/09

I know that GOD put people in your life for a reason; especially true friends are a blessing. If be-friending is the definition provided, I tried my best to accomplish that once a week by calling my friend-touching base with one another. Finding time to hang out with friends and help when they need someone to talk to. Sometimes friends are so busy this 21st century, so I still do my part. I really enjoy helping people or randomly showing kindness to someone I do not know. I Know this it is the small things when be-friending that is priceless.


I am definitely in for a run! You are so right, and it is really a wonderful feeling to know that you have done something for another person that makes a difference in their day or their life. If more people would do this what a wonderful world it would be! And, maybe with our new President and his call to people to do more, and calls like yours, more people will participate in helping their communities and befriend more people.

I have a 24 year old son who lives in New Orleans and is about to graduate from college. I am always talking to him about these kinds of ideas and he sent me a text message last week to let me know how he had helped a stranger. He was having lunch at a restaurant and a man walked in and sat down near him and only had enough money for a bag of chips. My son bought him a burger and a baked potato. He sent me the message and then told me he thought of me, and said he thought it was something I would do too. I was so proud of his kind heart and gesture to this stranger. What we do not only has the power to impact those we reach out to directly, but it also has the potential to pave the way for so many other acts of kindness.

Carla you have inspired me! I will look for ways to befriend more people.

  • By eherzer
  • on 1/22/09 10:14 PM EST