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A choice..


Being happy is a choice.  You have to choose to be happy in order to be happy.  You are the only person that can make yourself happy.  I tell people it is their choice to be happy or angry.  There is nothing positive about being angry, so it is a choice you can make.  I do allow myself to be angry about something but I put a time limit on it and move on.  Just like Walt Disney said, "Just keep moving forward".

Shared by grizzlygirl on 5/30/08

It's true, being happy is a choice one makes. Being "Young" at any cronological age and being "wealthy" regardless of finances, are also beliefs we can choose. It's all in how a person looks at things.


How about being sucked down by the person you share your life with?
My dear husband of 29 years is in such a funk, nothing and i mean NOTHING seems to help him. I TRY not to let it drag me down, but i love him, so what he feels seeps onto me like a plague.
His father is a miserable and pessimestic person, and i am so terrified that my husband is going 'that direction'. He has tried anti depressants and testerone cream, DHEA and Thyroid pills..........he hasn't ever tried therapy.
He is a cancer and VERY VERY moody, but as soon as he's down, i'm automatically in depressed mode. I CAN'T HELP IT.
Any advice?


thats true i think if we are happy with who we are and accept where we are at the moment we can always try and improve our situation or not.! Letting go of the negative stuff works for me cos it saps too much of my energy. n i agree with having a time limit on being angry too..thts a great idea.