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Question:If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

A kid in New Zealand just changed his to Captain Fantastic and then some (Link

Have you ever considered changing your name? Do you think it would make you happier?

Asked by Kiki76 on 11/3/08 5 Answers»


I have a pretty unusual name and I hated it growing up. I wanted to be a Jennifer or a Heather. Now that I'm older and have a career and a life in my community I like my unusual name. When people refer to me by name there is no way anyone is going to mistake me for a Jennifer or a Heather.

Answered by: coleman on 11/4/08


I like my name and wouldn't change it! It's unique enough that everyone doesn't have it, but common enough that it isn't misspelled every time or received with a puzzling look. I like that!

Answered by: aliciak on 11/4/08


12 years ago a young 16 year old said she was going to name her first daugter Morgan Christina. At the time my birthname was Christina and I was changeing my name because of a divorce.
I asked the young girl if I could take the name she wanted for her first girl, Morgan Christina. I also asked the divorce court to change my last name to Blake unstead of my maiden name.
Blake is the last name of a poet in the 1800's.
So I became a new person, Morgan Christina Blake

Answered by: missmorgan on 11/3/08


I used to really want to be a Kim. When I was growing up and it was time to make my communion my mother asked me what name I was thinking about. Of course, I said Kim. But, of course, there is no Saint Kim and I was limited to names of saints for my confirmation name. I must confess, I don't really understand the whole thing. It's not a middle name, chosen at birth and I never use it, but I chose Regina and, I guess, in retrospect I'm glad I did because I'm decidedly not a Kim.

Answered by: VictoriaB on 11/3/08


I happen to think my name suits me and I don't think I'd change it, though I might not have felt the same had I been a boy. I was to be named Rex Washburn and called "Bernie." Rex is a tough name to carry (though my dear dad wears it well.) But Bernie? Not crazy about it.

Thanks be to God that I'm a girl!

Answered by: kristen on 11/3/08
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