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Question:huge life change with friends and work

With my son growing up and going to a public high school over a private, I found the friends I had not really friends anymore once our minds were made up to go public. My parents recently moved back to their home town so I'll see them only once or twice a year. My best friend just moved to California, and I had to put my dog to sleep. (he was 13!) I need more resources to find new friends! I've been taking Yoga and love it, but the women don't really chat there. Any other thoughts I would sure take them. I was involved in church but the church went through a split. So I'm thinking positive and staying away from the negative and trying to go find the happy people!

Asked by kikcind on 6/25/08 3 Answers»


Have you considered seeking out another church that isn't as divided? If that's something you enjoyed it might be worth renewing.

Continuing ed classes at local universities are great. They're often filled with other parents of teens or grown children who are renewing their own interests—and the best part is, there's always discussion and opportunities to go to coffee afterward or attend lectures together.

The main thing is to do what interests you! Keep getting out there, trying things. You'll make new friends along the way.

Answered by: Kiki76 on 6/26/08


Hi kikcind!
Have you checked to see if there's people at First30Days, who are living in your town? Bet there are!!

How about a meditation group, a class or workshop in something you are interested in?

What about something school related -- give you a chance to meet some of the people at your son's school.

Good luck!

Answered by: lilliede81 on 6/26/08


I think you're thinking about it the right way ... getting involved in some sort of organization or activity where you can meet people who share similar interests.

You might want to consider some continuing education classes or joining a reading group or book club, a hiking club or bible study group. You might want to take cooking classes or find out what's going on at the local library or YMCA -- they often have talks and classes where you might meet some people who like the same things you do.

You can also consider doing volunteer work -- that's a great way to meet people.

Answered by: letitgo on 6/25/08
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