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Question:Lately I have been feeling sad, I start to get insecure about work, friends and just life. I am going through menopause, but I have been having a difficult time.

Asked by bogiedog on 6/13/08 1 Answer»


I have to imagine that a good deal of what you are feeling is due to changing hormones. Depending on how bad your symptoms are and if you feel they are interfering with your daily activities you may want to consult a medical professional.

I've read about HRT (hormone replacement therapy) as well as some alternative methods (like this awful drink concoctions), but the bottom line is that you need to replenish what is being depleted to avoid feeling off.

You shouldn't have to suffer. You might want to do some reading on what other things you can do to reclaim your old self. Here are a couple of links:



Answered by: springshine on 6/13/08
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