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Question:I am so overwhelmed by everything that is going on in my life that I never have a moment for me, My son said to me during Thanksiving holiday that I don't smile anymore or truly laugh at life! This shocked me but made me open my eyes to the reality of it!

being alone with so many responsibilities that I don't know How to begin being Happy.

Asked by newandimproved on 12/8/10 2 Answers»


Hey Your main motto to being happy ! Firstly you have to understand that there is nothing fantastic about the world . its depends upon how you feel or realizes things happens in your locality or in your daily life.Here i suggest that you can also read This article : Motivational Tips for Body Confidence(Link I hope this will defintly helpful to you

Answered by: Uniquetips on 4/29/16


So, your goal is to laugh more!
You have to understand that there's nothing overwhelming about life in general. However, once your subconscious gets used to the feeling of being overwhelmed, it will seek that feeling and get you to situations that will induce that feeling.
It is a tough cycle to get out of.
Try to adopt an affirmation that will replace your current overwhelming reality. Something like "I have all the time in the world for important things" and "I am happy and relaxed", and also "Life goes my way!"
I know those seem 'unrealistic'. What you have to understand is that currently you are creating your reality with opposite affirmations and feelings. Once the new affirmations take a hold your life will start changing.
Stick to it! Say them whenever you get anxious or overwhelmed.
Let me know how it's going!

Answered by: Hanaan on 10/13/11
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