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Question:how do i become happier when i don't have time for my self and when my husband wont take the kids

Asked by tweetylillymom on 6/25/09 1 Answer»


Tweetylillymom - it sounds like you are feeling very frustrated. You want to take care of yourself but you don't feel like you have the support to be able to do that.

Here are a few ideas to help improve your mood that won't take much time at all - and are often things you can do while doing something else!

1. Smile! Yes, it can be that simple. When you smile and also engage those crinkles around your eyes, even if you are faking it, research has shown it still makes your body produce hormones that improve your mood and make you happier! You can hang some post-its around the house to remind you (and maybe your kids as well), or pictures of things that make you smile.

2. Laugh! Is there a silly movie you can watch with your kids, maybe while you're making dinner? Or sometime you can schedule a date night with your husband and see a silly movie or do an activity that's new to both of you, which might make you laugh? Or you can go to Link and search for laughter yoga, and watch a short video or two that will at least have you giggling at how goofy it looks!

One last idea is to schedule time to talk with your husband about your goal to become happier, and to make a request for your husband's support in this goal. You could say something like, "honey, I am working on being happier so that I can enjoy life more, and be a better mom and wife and friend. I am asking for your support in this goal. I would like you to take the kids from 6-7 this Thursday so that I can work toward this goal. Would you do that for me?" See what happens!

Good luck, and don't forget to smile!

Answered by: jbrstrategies on 7/30/09
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