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Question:Do you have a defibrillator? What has your experience been like?

My dad just recently had surgery to have an implantable defibrillator put in. He says he's still having some pain from it. Anyone else have one or know of someone who has one? What has their experience been like?

Asked by LMAYO9 on 7/25/08 4 Answers»


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Answered by: eboehispellcaster on 6/4/16


My defibulator has gone off 5 times...All but the last time I was excerting myself, jogging or riding my bike...The last time, about a month ago, I was just laid out on the couch, vegging, I felt strange, I felt my heart " racing " next thing I know, BAM, I got nailed...It took a few minutes to recover from the jolt...When I got checked they told me my pulse went as high as 232, so the defibulator saved my life...WHEW!!!

Answered by: Bobby0927 on 8/2/09


my dad had a defib. placed 4 years ago. he had mild discomfort which subsided. the battery still has power. the most amazing thing is that after 4 years, he had 1 shock while watching tv this past spring. at first he was upset that he "had a hit" but we all realized that the "hit" probably saved his life. he is still going strong today at age 81! weak heart and all. best wishes to your dad. hopefully he will live a long life filled with happiness as my dad continues to today!

Answered by: donmarie on 8/4/08


Yes I had one put in after I suffered cardiac arrest in '05. I did have complications due to the implant procedure,and had to have emergency surgery 3 days later.However, that was due to my heart muscle itself not being able to hold the leads in. After that I had a lot of itching and some discomfort. Other than that I've been fine. Every now and again I do feel some achiness. But not enough to warrant a Dr.visit. However, I have heard about some people having an infection at and around the difibrillator. And I do have to go in and have the thing checked to see if it is working properly. And the last visit I had re: that was said to be in working order, and that I still had plenty of battery life left in it.
I hope this helps somewhat, and unless the pain is severe, or causing any major discomfort, I would like to say,....that in time he should be feeling much better. However if he is really worried it couldn't hurt to contact his Dr. and get his/her opinion. I wish you and your father good luck and good health.

Answered by: goofybubbles on 8/3/08
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