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It took me a long time to admit that I wasn’t successfully coping with my depression and anxiety on my own. It took even longer to come up with a plan to fight back against my own...

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The Most Depressing Job in the World

The Most Depressing Job in the World

Now that research has shown the link between depression and working overtime, it may not come as a surprise that lawyers, whose typical workweek is about 80 hours and live under constant deadlines, have higher rates of depression than other fields. In addition, nearly 20% of lawyers are problem drinkers, which is about double the national rate.

To address all the stress and high pressure that lawyers face, the state of Arizona has the Member Assistance Program, which helps lawyers who feel overwhelmed. For those lawyers who are dealing with depression, anxiety or substance abuse, the Member Assistance Program offers a few initial tips:

* Increase your self-observation. What is the point where you become stressed? Find that boiling point, and take steps to address stress before it overwhelms you.
* Make regular exercise and proper sleep priorities.
* Recharge outside the office with friends and family.
* Develop a ritual or find a way to make sure you leave work at work when you are finished each day.
* Take time for yourself. Go on vacations, and don’t check your messages every day.
* "Just say no"...occasionally.
* Give yourself permission to put away your cell phone and your PDA for limited amounts of time (an hour or two, for example).
* If you feel overwhelmed by stress, stop what you are doing and breathe deeply.

Granted, we know lawyers have a high rate of depression, but these tips can apply to any professional who is overworked. What are some other jobs out there that are emotionally draining? How do you keep depression from getting the best of you? [The Arizona Republic]

Posted: 6/23/08

I think one of the most depressing jobs are doctors that treat terminally ill children.Despite everything the doctors do,the patients will all die,despite the best efforts.Also children are so innocent,you have to wonder why they get so ill,it doesn't seem right.

  • By aqua222
  • on 7/14/08 2:41 AM EST