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I hear you. I know exactly how you feel. Besides reading Arianne's book, I recently learned about vision boards through this blog: Link. I also clicked in the banner they have there for discover the Quantum method for Manifesting Your Dreams banner , got the program and started right away working on mine, and... OMG!! THE CHANGES!!!!
You will not believe it!

Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.


Hi!! I do agree with all the other comments I have read regarding your situation. This guy wants his cake and to eat it to. I slowly would break ties with him--no more texting-then no more emails-tell him you have been busy and walk away, however do it all with a smile and kindness in your voice. You deserve better and remember we are "NOT" desperate women!!! If you deceide you want to find another job--then do so, but do it for yourself-dont worry about what he is thinking and further more who cares. Its time for a whole NEW you and a whole NEW change... Love an Light...


thank u for replying! So you answered your own question. Stay at the company.
Here is what I did after our breakup 6 years ago. I stayed friends at first until his new girlfriend didnt like that friendship. And honestly it is much better not seeing him (he leaves in my homevillage .. he even moved there with his new family :-)). AND all I did since that day is to purely focus on what makes me HAPPY! and that 24/7. So whatever it is that makes u feel good - DO IT! Have fun on your journey. Because you will be happy soon. D


Transformation ... Thank you for reading my story and for your advice. I am making my way through the 30 day breakup book right now. I will definitely take your advice and get the "You Deserve More" book too. I LOVE to read, it is one of my favorite pass times. Lately I haven't read much at all because I can't seem to focus. I thought I should check into some self-help books to get me over my ex and the loss I feel. So, I am at the beginning of that venture. I hope I get to feeling better soon.
Thank you again for your advice and support.


D (Lovinglife) Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and to respond back to me. To answer your first question, I really like my job, am I passionate about it, no ... the position I had before the one I have now, I was very passionate about (and the reason I am not still in that position is an entirely different story). However, the company I work for is a good company, I have a really great boss, the money is good and I have eleven years in with this company. I am going to try the "avoidance" thing and pray that works for me. It helps tremendously that I don't work with him. It is very difficult knowing he is in the same building and we don't even speak ... how sad. But, I just can't be a casual friend. He recently sent me a text and said "I don't want to cause you stress, but I want to stay friends. I can remain in the background until you can handle contact" First, I don't understand how two people who shared the passion and love that we did at one time can be "just friends". I mean I can understand how HE thinks we can, because he obviously fell out of love with me. But, I don't know when or if I can have contact with him and those old feelings not bubble to the top again.
I am certainly in the hour by hour phase. It is the only way I keep from thinking about my situation and over analyzing things.
You also asked, what do I want to make happen in my life ... and as cliche as this sounds, I just want to feel happy again. I want to go through one full day and be happy. I want to go through one full day and NOT have him enter my mind one time.
Thank you again for listening and your support. I feel so blessed to have found this site.