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Question:Is there something I can be doing now, while I'm healthy to prevent diabetes?

I've heard my siblings talking about being diagnosed as pre diabetic ... My dad developed diabetes late in life, after retiring... there was some talk of it being related to his not being active anymore.

I'm the person in the family with the addiction to sweets and yet my sugar levels are usually normal...

I don't want to become diabetic. If I don't seem to have a problem now with sugar, should I be doing something preventive?

Asked by Changeling on 5/27/08 2 Answers»


First being addicted to sweets does not make you a diabetic. So, no need to worry about that. Secondly, Type II diabetes is two fold, in that one it is hereditary in some people. Two, others it's environmental, which really means being overweight and lack of exercise.
So, the best thing for you it looks like is to start if you haven't already to eat healthy and start exercising more even if it is a regular walk every day it will help. If you are overweight, you need to start loosing some I know it's hard but it needs to be done. Also, glucosamine a common supplement for joints can elevate blood sugar levels in people predispose to Type II diabetes so if you are taking that you may want to stop. I had to because Type II is hereditary in my family and my sugars started increasing when I started taking glucosamine. Type I runs in my family too and my son has been insulin dependent since he was 10 so I've been involved with a lot about diabetes for the past eight years through Joslin.

Which is a good site to visit. Link

good luck :)

Answered by: perky1730 on 6/21/08


I've had a similar fear of being diagnosed with diabetes (or some other scary illnesses that run in my family) and from everything I've read the best thing you can do is maintain a healthy weight, exercise, eat well and try not to stress. This link from the American Diabetes Association should help: Link

It sounds too easy though, right? Like there should be something more? There's not—it's really that simple.

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 6/5/08
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