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Our Your Empty Nest Experts

Claudia Arp

Claudia Arp

Co-founder of Marriage Alive International

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Natalie Caine

Natalie Caine

Therapist, coach and author

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Dr. Ellen Neiley Ritter

Dr. Ellen Neiley Ritter

Founder of Family Transitions Coaching

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Got A Tip?



Got a Tip?

I went through the family albums and picked out my favorite...

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Create New Holiday Traditions

My parents are in their late 60s, my sister and I in our early...

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Got a Tip?

Don't let photos pile up in boxes. Put in album immediately...

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Volunteer or find a part-time...

My parents finally got their last chickadee out of the nest...

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When I moved out of the country my folks were worried that...

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Find yourself

When your child graduates and goes off to college, military...

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Look on the bright side

The words empty nest sound so sad. I'd like to think it's...

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