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Question:Do I REALLY need a blu-ray player?

My husband keeps telling me about how we need a blu-ray player because he claims he can see the microscopic distortions from our regular dvd player. I see this as a gateway into having to re-purchase every dvd we own in blu-ray format. Please tell me I don't have to do this!!!!

Asked by LMAYO9 on 5/2/08 1 Answer»


LMAY09 -

To the average person, the quality difference between Blu-Ray and DVD is slim. Assuming you have an HDTV, you could be perfectly happy with a DVD player until Blu-Ray becomes outdated and replaced by the next great thing.

But, your husband is right. DVDs will be gone in the next few years (like the cassette, 8-track and record player) and you'll have a tough time getting the latest movies in a format other than Blu-Ray.

It doesn't make sense to upgrade now, especially considering the high cost of current releases (30 per movie means they have a long way to fall).

Kiss him on the forehead and ask him to wait a year - it'll be worth it.

Answered by: mrwatkins83 on 5/6/08
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