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Sad Mac :(


It happens to the best of us. Yes even Mac hard drives go bad on occasion. I can't stress the importance of backing up. That being said, I recently was kicking myself for not backing up. :P I had one go out on a Macbook and when I took it to the Apple store they told me it was dead and I'd have to buy a new drive. :(

Fortunately I came across this software called Data Rescue II.


Not only did it restore the entire drive it let me download a demo and see if it would work for me before I purchased it. I was then able to reformat the drive and reinstall OSX. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to buy a new drive.

Hopefully this tip can help someone else too!

Shared by Martskin on 12/4/08

Yes I know someone who had a mac and the hard drive just died! I need to back up more often than I do, since my livelihood depends on my laptop.

  • By aliciak
  • on 12/19/08 1:18 PM EST

It's about a year and half old but we did buy it refurbished. Although I've gotten several things from the Apple refurb store and haven't had any problems.

If you have Leopard, I highly advise backing up with Time Machine. It's not meant for long term archiving but at least you'll have a mirror of your working files.


This is great information - thank you! How old was your Mac? I just bought a MacBook Pro a couple of months ago - so this whole Mac thing is completely new to me

  • By eherzer
  • on 12/4/08 3:26 PM EST