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Cody Lundin

Cody Lundin

Survival expert and author of When All Hell Breaks Loose

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Dr. William Waugh Jr.

Professor of public administration and urban studies at Georgia...

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James Lee Witt

James Lee Witt

Former FEMA director and author of Stronger in the Broken...

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How can I find funds or a programs that will help repair my fixer upper( I leave in the house)? Now my funds are not the same, I currently can not afford to complete my home improvements? I need help


I purchased a older home that need repairs. My my goal was to fix the property and rent it out. Since I left two jobs for one and expected a better income and opportunity; that went sour, so now not making the same amount of money. My budget is tight and has affected some of my other fixed expenses/debt.

So, now I am in an income bracket where I make to much to qualify for government assistance and not enough to qualify for a loan.

I have been leaving in this house now three years and my qualify of life is fair. Let me put to you this way, it is winter the majority in my house. I need a weatherization, electrical work partial in my kitchen, installation. I have completed some home improvement before income decreased: painted, new carpet for the bedrooms, new flooring in the living room.

I would appreciate anyone who read my question can provide assistance. I repair will be done but will take longer.

Shared by marah2448 on 12/5/08

Do you live in a historical area? Sometimes there are funds available in historical neighborhoods.

  • By coleman
  • on 12/11/08 8:15 AM EST