"What an awesome place this is! I can't wait to suck up as much knowledge as possible about pursuing my dream! Thanks for providing such a wonderful guide!" -Laura
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Our Stepparenting Experts

Jeannette Lofas

Jeannette Lofas

Founder of the Stepfamily Foundation

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Sally Bjornsen

Sally Bjornsen

Creator of the Sassy Stepmother web site and author of The...

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Dr. Carl Pickhardt

Dr. Carl Pickhardt

Psychologist and author of Keys to Successful Stepfathering

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7 Steps to Bonding with Your Stepchild

Ziegahn shares practical advice on how stepparents can bond with their stepchildren. Topics range from sharing a bathroom to initiating conversations.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:19 AM EST more »


A Career Girl's Guide to Becoming a Stepmom: Expert Advice from Other Stepmoms on How to Juggle Your Job, Your Marriage, and Your New Stepkids

From ways to keep your own professional schedule while entering a new family life to wanting to have a baby of your own, Fletcher answers questions and gives advice to the career woman becoming a stepmom.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:05 AM EST more »


Blending Families

This insightful guide offers solid solutions and includes real-life stories from families who’ve been through the adjustment process, which often includes dealing with family communication, juggling households and finding adult time.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:16 AM EST more »


Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies and Single Parents Build Happy Homes

Lofas offers strategies for developing and implementing a positive vision for your family system by gaining respect and teaching manners, among other principles.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:09 AM EST more »


Keys to Successful Stepfathering

Becoming a stepfather doesn’t need to be difficult. You just need to avoid wishful thinking and replace it with realistic thoughts. By using this guide, you can learn how to make life-long relationships with your new children and deal with the fights that will occur along the way.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:12 AM EST more »


Stepcoupling: Creating and Sustaining a Strong Marriage in Today's Blended Family

The authors, along with real-life stepcouples, provide practical advice and strategies on how to maintain a fulfilling marriage while trying to blend two families together. From learning flexibility to managing expectations, this book covers all common concerns.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:18 AM EST more »


Stepmotherhood: How to Survive Without Feeling Frustrated, Left Out, or Wicked

Burns, a stepmother herself, helps women understand the dynamics and potential conflicts of their new role, such as discipline and guilt.
Posted: 02/08/2008 11:03 AM EST more »