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College Lingo: Vocabulary No Freshman Should Be Without


College Lingo: Vocabulary No Freshman Should Be Without

College Lingo: “Like, my total Melvin roomie dissed me and that’s after he mooched my Rb’s from the R2D2 and sexiled moi with his hallcest countess von vagicula!”

English translation: “My complete nerd roommate was very disrespectful after taking my Red Bulls from the dorm fridge and locking me out while he had an overnight, female guest from across the hall.”

Every college has its own set of traditions, history, people and places. In such self-contained micro cultural universes, there arise unique words, slang and general sets of vernacular usage better known as “college lingo”. It’s possible to hold an entire conversation between two fellow students where an outsider would be totally clueless.

Although dialect peculiarities occur from campus to campus, there is a pretty good chance that most college tongue (pierced or otherwise) can be used to get you by at any institution. The breath and span of this school speak can include: new words, strange combinations of clichés, flavor of the month comedy skits from Saturday Night Live and one particularly useful and fascinating part of the college vocabulary - the acronym. This little handy dandy device is very popular. If a phrase, idea or concept can be crammed into letters with dots, college students will use it.

Here is just a small sampling of words and phrases used on campuses today. Knowing them could make the difference between making you a “fab fresh” or a “freshasaurus”. See below for those definitions:

154 - Police code for underage drinking.
Addi-paddi – Extreme attitude.
A-Freshasaurus – A clueless freshman.
All over it - To have things in control. ex. "You going to pick up the pizza?" - "Girl, I am all over it."
Alpha Greek - The male or female who "rules" the school.
Antler Festival - parties where there are more men than women on flip side too many girls equals a taco cabana.
Awesome Possum - exclamation of joy.
B-POO – Bitter, Party Of One…your table is ready. Bitter, Party of One!
Bad Juju - Negative Karma man!
Badassical – Beyond awesome. Beyond the best thing ever!
Bag Monsters - Students who sleep all day or the creature that sneaks up, pulls you to bed against your will.
Baggage - Emotional issues ex. "She has more baggage than an airport!”
Bio-hazard – Any object in the dorm that has not been cleaned all semester.
Body Nazis - Work out fanatics at the campus or local gym.
Bones – Leftover pizza crusts.
Breaking the Seal - Opening a textbook or a party night's first trip to the ladies room.
Cash Cow – ATM ex. “I need to milk the cash cow before we go out.”
Citizen's Arrest - To take away a drunken person's keys.
Commodore - Old or slow computer.
Crushing - Having a little puppy love for someone.
D&D - Doritos and Dew - quick, snack filled breakfast.
Damaged Goods – She has been recently been dumped, but has gone totally insane since then. Not enough meds in the world to cure her.
Damien – Mean or evil student.
Dank – A boy’s dorm.
Demics – That you came to school for.
Diss - To disrespect or blow off.
Dot slash – Indicating a conversation is over or the decision is final.
Drama - Dating two or more people at the same time.
Fab Fresh – Fabulous and highly motivated freshman.
Fifteen Minute Rule – Rule allowing students to leave a class when professor is late fifteen minutes.
Frisbee - The sport or the day old pizza.
Frontload – To eat or drink before the actual meal or party.
Frumping – To be dressed in finals clothes. Ergo sweats and such.
G2G – Gots To Go.
GAFF - Give A Flying #$%!...fudge.
H.S.I. - Has Some Issues - phrase used to describe someone your ex.
Hadda - Had to do something.
Hallcest - Dating a person from your dorm or hall.
Handy-dandy – 1. useful 2. cute boy.
Hanging chad - The night's out only person…NO ONE WANTS THERE!
Hibernator - Student who spends more time asleep.
Horizontal Engineering – napping.
I for one welcome our new 'X' overlords - Phrase exhibiting displeasure at the new leadership. Political. Group Project Leader. New Boss. Etc.
Interactive – A touchy, feely student.
JAFO - A bad dude. A Jack Ass Fudge Off.
Kampus Kops – parking attendants.
Keep digging, Watson - Not quite there genius.
Kool-aide - Way to sweet and only a nickel a glass…translation: Whore who loves nickel well drinks.
Land shark - Stealer of all things food wise in your dorm or apartment.
Langerrhea - Diarrhea of the mouth…"she just keeps talking and talking…"
Like - no meaning, conversation filler ex. “He was like, I mean, like so super ticked off that I did not call.”
Lollipop – Easy, no problem, not difficult.
Lounge - The campus place with ancient 70's furniture that you are supposed to “chill out” in.
M.P.A. - Mysterious Party Accident - unexplained events occurring while partying.
MacGyver - Damn! What can that girl not do?
Mackable – Yummy, cute boy.
Mackadocious – See above…just this cute dude is off the hunk scale.
Mouse potato - To spend too much time on the computer.
Mucho - Added to give any matter greater importance.
Mugging down - Making out.
Munchapoloozas - Consuming gross amounts of food.
My bad - Implying fault while apologizing ex. "Dude. Who broke the blender?" - "Sorry, my bad."
Mythological - Someone who is just so godly as to make you want to puke…it is as if their farts would smell like warm cinnamon buns!
Nada – nothing.
Naughty Kitty – A young coed with a bad reputation.
Negative Ghostrider - 80's movie "Top Gun" line.
Neighbro - The handy man boy neighbor who will do anything for you despite having zilch chances at ever getting some.
Niccin' - Nicotine fit.
Off like a prom dress in May - feeling a little randy...
Paint job - Spray tan or new tattoo ink…and heaven forbid henna!
Parking Gestapo –Parking ticket police.
Pizza Pirating – To not pitch in for pizza cost.
Playing House – A dating couple who practically live together.
Prep Snooze - The act of sleeping off a big night or in preparation for one.
Prospitute - Prospective student.
Prozac Shot – Cookie dough.
Quack Shack – College health facility.
Queen Bee - Two defs. One the alpha chica. Second might be the alpha gay dude.
R2D2 – Combination dorm microwave/fridge.
Raccoon - One of your sisters crying uncontrollably making her make up rung and thus looking like the masked rodent.
Ragamuffin - Wild lady, undressed or unkempt, or a cute furry animal.
Ragu-boy-r-dee - Your period or in rare cases your boyfriend who does not mind trolling for vampires while you are on the rag.
Rainbow yawn - the long, arcing multi-colored puke.
Rents - parental ex. "So when are the rents sending you a check?"
Rowzers - Exclamation of fear or distress.
Saber tooth Crotch - Not sure of the hazards of that particular woman's nethers…ergo…play around with utmost caution.
Saccharin - Laying it on a bit thick sugar, fun, pleasant size.
Same diff - Same thing…who cares?
Sargasm - To fake it and at some point admit it to your bedroom partner.
Scamming - On the hunt for the opposite sex.
Sco-Pro Ho – Scholastic probation lady. On campus for the summer and spending a lot of "time" making friends with the Orientation Leaders.
Sexiled - Kicked out of your place while your roomie has a “friend” over.
Shacking - Spending the night at your “friends.” See also sexiled.
Shatnerian - To be overly dramatic - refers to the acting style of William Shatner - aka Captain Kirk.
Suite Sex – The romping with the suite mate and subsequent soap opera drama with other roomies.
T.C.G. - The Computer Guy in the dorm or computing center…ergo the pimple faced Warcraft player who will eventually graduate, land a $6 figure job, have total job security and then you will wish you had lowered your standards.
T.O.E. - The Other Education - learning outside of the classroom.
Taco Party - on the same note…a party with too many girls.
Uber - Beyond awesome…UBER AWESOME!
Umpteen – Infinite or great in number.
Vadracula - A girl’s heavy flow day.
Vanilla - Plain or lacking excitement.
Velveeta – Cheesy.
Verbally Disembowel - worse than any throw down, nail scratching, hair pulling bitch fest. It is when your words do such proper….dare we say…awesome damage as to leave your victim worse off than an actually disemboweling by a six foot medieval bastard sword could have!
Visor - Academic advisor.
Waboosh - Dat's all messed up girl!
Walk of shame - Being seen sneaking out the dorm on "the morning after."
Wang Chung – Old.
X-Roommate File - Roommate horror story.
Zombied – To pull an all-nighter.

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