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Professors Don’t Bite - Advice for dealing with prof to the dean...


Professors Don’t Bite

Top Ten Ways to Befriend your College Prof.

1.Don’t read the newspaper, text message, chat or anything else that is just plain rude while the teach is teaching, the prof professing or the doc…well I guess he or she is not really doctoring anything, but you get the pic.

2.Sit in the same classroom seat everyday.

3.Ask questions – at least once a week…chime in with an inquisitive nuance about last time’s materials or a curiosity in the reading.

4.Stay after class every once in a while to chat…surprising how many times this will turn into a walk back to his or her office…think of what you can learn on the way there while you develop a healthy relationship with your prof. Think mentorship!

5.Stay after class the first week and introduce yourself…ask a question about the syllabus even if you completely understand it…

6.Go to class – no skippy…if you are going to be absent inform the professor before hand by leaving a message at their office or shooting them a quick email.

7.If there is a online component to the class…check in, participate often and make your presence known.

8.Use the instructor’s correct title…doctor, mister, miss, mrs., professor, etc. Some cool ones just want you to call them by their first names…do so then.

9.If you do get a bad grade or one you are not completely satisfied with…go see the prof and discuss what it will take to improve next time.

10.Take advantage of office hours…make it a point to visit them once or twice no matter what…or as many times as might be needed if you are having problems with the class materials.

Bonus: Teacher’s assistants or grad assistants are to be treated just like the above professors…in the end they are your link to the grade giver. Sometimes they are the only real contact you will have with any faculty for a particular course. Some professors let the TA or GA do all the work including the grading…keep this in mind.

Bonus – Bonus: You would be surprised how many times this next one is ignored. Keep up on the class assignments and readings. Oh, and don’t forget to study. All of the above advice might help you to a grade of “D” or pull you up from an “F”…but without hitting the books there sure is heck no chance for a “B or A” even if the professor is your best bud.

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