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Thinking about leaving


I was hire on 03/16/09 as the Front Desk Manager at a Hotel by the General Manager. During our interview I communicated to her about my values for this position such as: internal customer must be satisfied in order for external customer service to be outstanding, creativity I would contribute to the hotel and also stated room for advancement.

The first two weeks I just did a lot of hands on training at the front desk - learning from agents at front desk, getting to know who I will be working with. The third week, I ask the General Manager what she would like to see happen at this property. The same week I provided to her how I wanted to go about carrying out her request by conducting a Front desk meeting. The meeting was to communicate an introduction of myself, expectation as Agent, some things to be accomplished - request by my boss. My boss - the person that hire me said what are you going to present? So, I communicated what I was going to say. My boss said the agent that has been here awhile does not need to hear something they already know. I mention role playing at the front desk to an agent that’s been here longer at this property, she became defensive. I communicated this incident to my boss, she said back off this agent because she knows her hotel knowledge. Okay enough, I think you know where I going with this.

I have been at this hotel a month and days; still not the opportunity to communicate to the front desk staff. I began to loose the spark as my role in this position-Front Desk Manager. I have the drive and ambitious to succeed but do not have the support from my boss. By the way, the person that hire me was let go on 05/01/09. So, now a new boss but she was the Director of Sale for this hotel. I said to myself –let’s give it another shot and see where it goes.

With the new boss, we had our first meeting for the entire hotel staff; it did go well-it was more a fun day. I provided to her a PowerPoint presentation about what I wanted to communicate to the Front Desk. She said just to wait off a little awhile. There is one agent that has been giving me bad vibes because I am her new Front Desk Manager. Her body language says: I do not have to listen are respond to her because I been her longer. I have spoken to the previous boss and new boss requesting to have a meeting with the three of us to resolve the matter; still no meeting. My previous boss and new boss keep telling me, how you going to train someone and they know more than you.

This particular hotel has a lot of clicks and I am not in it. The agents that been here for awhile gets more support than me. In order for me to be successful as the Front Desk Manager (new or old is manager support) I am sincing the vibe- no support, I am asking myself why I am I here?

I have decided to learn as much as I can from this position and put myself back on the job market. The new manager has someone who used to work for her - a front desk agent- watch over me and ask question because this agent knows her well. This is my last time working the front part of the hotel because of dealing with grown kids that know better but refused to change(do not want to change and no management support). I have so much of professional experience, my military background, 7 yrs of hotel, 2yr Call Center Customer service, Bachelor in Business Administration, Certificate of Completion in Real Estate.

I will up my game because I really want to get on the corporate side of the Hotel in particular real estate development, Apartment Manager or Mortgage Researcher. If anyone that reads this, if you have job leads in North Texas send me the link. I goal is to seek a position that is productive and will allow me to show my creativity and working my way to increase my salary.

Give me your advice. Thanks

Shared by marah2448 on 5/7/09

The Best disposition is for you to leave. Because, you are not finding job satisfaction. And not find job satisfaction is going to affect both your working, family and social life.