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Question:Moving back to Cali or stay in NC with family??

I have been planning to move back home to So. Cal for almost 1 year now. Planned to do and had a date last year then backed out. I have had my mother and 6 1/2 yr old nephew living with me and am scarred they won't make it without me. Deep down I am reluctant to leave my nephew so far away. I have also pursued a new career choice that would keep me closer to home but still think i want to go back to the West coast deep down. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help or ideas. The new career would involve a lot of travel but would keep me in NC ultimately, or if i move the they would probably follow within 2 years.

Asked by shel08 on 6/9/08 3 Answers»


You know i am in ur shoes now....i live in NC also...my parents live in Southern Cali also...i moved out her in 2003 after i lost my job durning the company downsizing in 2002. i always debated whether i should stay here in NC or move back to Cali...i love Cali also...things are so much slower here. I know Cali is very expensive to live...and i know the humity here in NC is not what i want. but as far as everything else...my family fortunatly have visited us here...3 times in one year...once for a death of my brother...that is living in NC also...then for my newphews graduation and then for a weekend surprise...after my son came back from visiting them....anyway...i know its a hard decision and whatever choice you decided just remember your family is where were your Core is...keep in good contact with them..thrur emails ,, instant messageing, phone, letters or any other means you may have...god bless and good luck !!!! Dave M.

Answered by: dave_dunnit on 7/31/08


I moved from Michigan to Connecticut with my Fiance to marry and he to get a good job. I am retired.
I regret doing it. I never should have left my family I regret it. What is done is done, but everyday my heart hurts because I miss my family.

Answered by: milakeshore on 7/13/08


Honestly, with something like this sometimes you have to go with your gut. If that voice inside is telling you to look at certain things right now, like your mother's health and your nephew's future then maybe you need to stay where you are and wait until something else happens, because it will. One thing we know for sure is that our lives are always changing. New people and new opportunities are always presenting themselves. We just need to be open and aware of what is happening.

So much can happen in two years ... if you want them in your life you probably need to do something more definite like stay in their lives.

Speaking as someone who has put their life on hold for others I have to say that those times have brought with them their own rewards.

Answered by: bstarr on 6/10/08
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