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Question:Got a Question? What do you do when you have shared too much personal information with regrets and you can't take it back? How do you act from hereon out?

I have already made a mistake in my brand new job. I just blurted out very personal information about myself. I had been working from home as a medical transcriptionist for 15 years and have finally gotten a brand new job outside the home that I really like. I want to make friends and have a tendency to talk too much about myself when I get nervous around people. I wasn't sure if I could "play well with others" after being home for so long. What do I do now that I've already blurted out this information? How can I handle giving out too much information? I could use some sound advice.

Asked by angelczech on 3/27/09 1 Answer»


Hello there,
what an interesting question!
i also have a similar problem, to chat, and i say things that i maybe shouldnt have!

ask yourself, WHY you told these things about yourself to others? was it to get attention or to be accepted, but it happened in a sort of "needing a response from the others"??
think about what your real motive was at the time.

I have a very positive experience to share with you; its only 3 days old!
since one year i havent landed a job, but 3 days ago i got a call to come to an interwiev.
I went, and, I told the boss quite many personal views and some things about myself. I was completely honest.
3 days later she, the boss, calls me and said i got the job! its not always bad to tell your opinion or something about yourself! i was truly and happily surprised by this event, that i could be open and just let my energy flow and not hide one bit of me. why should i? i am not a thief who has something to hide, or that i did something bad to someone with purpose, so, if i am open i am beautiful in my own way. all of us are.

If you can stand behind your words (proud and tall) why not show who you are?
Everybody loves a loved one, if you love yourself it will show. Its in your energy.
like this boss told me in the interwiev:
"oh, it must be hard for you, trying to get a job, here in this town its not easy."
i said:
"well, i am not interested in negative thoughts or negative people,it doesnt get me anywhere."
I said it straight, and looked her in her eyes, while i honestly, had a happy smile on my face, because, after all, i was finally on a job interview and enjoyed it!!
stand for who you are.if not, DONT SAY OR TELL ABOUT YOURSELF.keep it to yourself, if you feel doubt about saying something or not.

NEXT ADVICE: since you have been so long at home working, its natural and healthy to want to talk!
this need will change to another need, believe me, when you have satisfied your need of conversation, you will go into another period.
You will talk less, and people will notice the change. it will show, and they will respect you for it. the most interesting people are those who slightly change, because they always seem to enjoy the ride; living in the present moment. not thinking ahead or back.
so the advice was: live with each period for what it is: do i have a need to chat, then i chat.
what next? after 3 months: what need do i have now? oh, i would like to start horse riding as an interest directly after my job, when the job is finished for the day, you will run out of the premises: you have a life!

last advice:
we cant be liked by everyone, DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK. love yourself and laugh if you make a small mistake.
MAKE A LIST, what you absolutely DONT want to tell people and why. like a small diary.

hope this helped and yes, i tell, in general, less about myself than I used to.

Answered by: MirelK on 8/20/09
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