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Question:Is it even worth it to put our house on the market?

In this economy, does it even make sense to try to sell a house? There are some homes for sale in our neighborhood, but they have been on the market for a really long time. Does anyone have any advice on how to determine if it's worth it to try to sell or not?

Asked by angie805 on 11/6/08 3 Answers»


If your home has dropped in value, be sure to find out informatin of the new HAFA program which launched 4/5/10....

Answered by: helpmerhonda on 4/14/10


The location of your house will be the deciding factor getting the price your desire to sell it for. Homes that are selling well are Lakeview, Oceanfront or something with a unique view versus the norm of a house environment. I would recommend an experience agent that know your area well. That will be plus at getting your house sold quicker and possible for the price you want.

Answered by: marah2448 on 11/7/08


Yes! Of course it depends on where you live and what you're offering but it doesn't hurt to try. My parents just put their home up (they moved out about a year ago) last week and already have two offers. I think it helped that they priced to sell—at this point, they just want it off their hands. You may have to make some concessions but just ask yourself is it worth it to stay put, or do you need to move?

Answered by: kristen on 11/7/08
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