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Question:What improvements can we make on a budget?

I know this isn't the best time to sell your house, but my husband is being transferred and we have no choice. We don't have the money for big home improvements (like remodeling the kitchen and putting in central a/c), but are there smaller, affordable home projects we can do to make our home more appealing to potential buyers?

Asked by angie805 on 9/12/08 2 Answers»


Clean the carpets/floors, paint and replace outdated fixtures and appliances. Even these small cosmetic changes can make a huge difference! Bathrooms and kitchens are the biggest selling points in a home so I'd concentrate your efforts and dollars there!

My sister is a realtor and always tells people that curb appeal goes a long way—so make sure your front yard is in good shape, as well as your front door, porch, lighting, etc.

Answered by: Eva1873 on 9/15/08


We have some great tips on this site about things you can do when selling a home. We've interviewed some experts who offer helpful advice. Check it out. The easiest things are sometimes the most effective.

Click on the photos on the left of this page, like Vern Yip or Susan Serra to start.

Good luck!

Answered by: VictoriaB on 9/13/08
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