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Doing more with less


One way to reduce your debt (or keep more of the money you have) is to look at all the little ways you can spend less.

Can you bear the coffee brewed at the office or do you need to spend money on a cup?

Can you hand wash certain items or dry clean less?

Can you wash and vacuumn your car yourself?

Do you need to drive to the store or can you walk or take your bike?

Each one of these things is a way to save just a little bit, but that little bit can add up over time.  

Shared by wishuponastar on 4/22/08

I already do all the things on the list, but yes , Luchis08...being comfortable being you on a budget is important. That is the hardest part for me....my 'peers' spend so much more than I do & want me to go to dinners & lunches & shopping with them. It is hard to always refuse them. I don't want them to think I don't want to be with them. The worst thing about living in suburban America trying to save some cash is the at home party. Southern LIving, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia...being invited to 4 parties a month at which spending money is expected. Buying little tokens just to show some support has been embarrassing & almost humiliating at times. I stand behind my behavior, I just have to find a way to feel good about it.