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Question:How often should you review your credit report?

We had this done when we bought our house, but is this something you need to do every year or every few months? Also, I know there are three credit report agencies. Do we need to order the report from all three, or will one do?

Asked by angie805 on 11/9/08 2 Answers»


I check mine every four months...1 from each major credit bureau. That way I have an ongoing idea of what is happening with my credit. Yes, there are some differences and some people feel like it's better to look at all three credit reports at one time. Personally, I like to keep an eye on things so I can catch something before it becomes a problem and not after the fact. That's just me though.

Answered by: Kristy101081 on 11/10/08


You're entitled to a free credit report every year from the big 3 credit agencies, as mandated by the U.S. government. Go to Link and sign up. They only give you general ratings through this site, but if you pay a small fee you can get a full report. That's up to you though, and whether you're really that concerned about monitoring your credit.

I do it every year just to make sure there isn't any oddities that are affecting my credit (identity theft is way more prevalent these days), or even to see if my credit rating has gone up. So it's up to you, but it's probably good to get it checked annually.

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 11/10/08
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