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Question:How do I deal, with turned off electricity?

In the last two weeks, I have had my electricity turned off, and I have reached out for help, to find backs turned. My only resource is my 90+ parents and because they need what little money, they have, I can't really go to them, particularly since they have been helping me out big-time. This whole situation stems, from helping someone out, before really giving consideration, to myself first. Also, my rent is due come the first, and my lease is up, at the end od July. I've been down-sized, but thanks to God, I am able to keep," my cool". Any advice, I am sure would be helpful. Sincerely, tyffanii2346@hotmail.com

Asked by wcreeker on 5/8/08 1 Answer»


Every community has a place you can go to for
energy assistance. It is called 'EAP'. Our 'EAP' is
located at a Salvation Army office. Also alot of
churches offer assistance. So, call the Salvation Army
and they should be able to guide you in the right

Also, most communities have public housing assisted
programs. Look in your phone directory under
public housing assistance, under your cities name.
Example: Orange County Public Housing. Whatever
your city name is, it should be listed under it. Call
them right away and see if they can help you under
public housing, or section 8. Either one will help you.
Good Luck and GOD Bless!
In Christ's Love,

Answered by: cactusgirl08 on 5/16/08
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