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This is for the guys...


My friend recently voiced his concern re: giving the perfect ring.  He knows what his gal has a certain style in mind, but has something a little different.  He's worried about the outcome and as such is delaying the whole engagement process.  

I may make some of my female friends angry with this wisdom, but seriously --- it doesn't matter.  Speaking from experience I saw there was a ring in the box (wanted to be sure I was on the same page), closed it quick and said yes.  

My shared wisdom is this... There are so many wonderful things going on with an engagement- the ring plays second fiddle to all the excitement.  Don't worry too much about the exact details guys!!   

Shared by LivingTheDream on 3/19/08

I didn't go the classic route with a diamond ring. My wife's birthstone is sapphire. I had to get my sister's permission since she had inherited her jewelry. The diamonds came later.

Actually, our first commitment ring was a red plastic ring with a smiley face that I got in a cereal box, cracker jack box...I forget. My wife still has that one!


What a nice sentiment. it's really not about the ring, is it? Like when we were kids and would tie a ribbon around our fingers. We didn't feel any less loved because we didn't have a jewel there.

I can see where a guy would worry about choosing the perfect ring, though. They want the person they love to feel loved, treasured and proud of that symbol of commitment.

But, you're right. It's not a reason to delay popping the question. If a man is really concerned about his gal's reaction, he can always give her a dime store ring and then take her shopping to pick out what she wants.

How sweet. I wonder how many people are proposing today.
Thanks for sharing that thought.