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Question:Alternatives to flower bouquets?

We recently ran into a huge problem with our flower order - and now we have less than a month to find a florist, scrounge up the cash to pay for it, and ensure that they look nice for the wedding. We've looked at faux flowers and so far we can't find any that look nice enough to consider substituting for real flowers. Does anyone out there have a suggestion for an alternative to real flowers? We've considered ribbon bouquets but I'm not really sure how to go about constructing them, and at this point I'm stressed and directionless for what to do next. Thanks!

Asked by melalindale on 7/30/08 1 Answer»


I saw this at a party and I thought it was a very clever idea. They did it with mums, but you could do it with any small flowering plant.

What they did was find deep, round baskets and they put three small potted plants inside the basket. The key is to get the right basket (or other container) that the plants perfectly fit into.

The other thing I've seen done is pretty painted planters, again with potted plants in them. I've also seen people do floating candles in a bowl on the table or potted topiary type plants -- ivy for instance that's been trained to grow into a heart shape. That can be pretty as well.

You can do a lot with plants. Also, and I don't know how formal or fancy you want to go, but I've seen photos of parties done by famous floral designers where they just took bunches of a particular flower -- all the same and put them in glass containers ... so like a huge bunch of white roses, cut short and overflowing a glass container.

Best wishes for your big day!! (Everyone will be looking at your, anyway)

Answered by: VictoriaB on 7/31/08
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