Dont fear change, embrace it.end quote

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Ariane de Bonvoisin, founder and CEO of First30Days, has spent a good portion of her life coping with and researching how to deal with any and every change. In her new book, The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Life Change (and Loving Your Life More), Ariane gives you the benefit of her knowledge and research, inspiring readers to approach change positively.

In it, she examines how to have an optimistic mindset towards change and transition, what makes change hard and what can make it easier. The book also introduces the nine principles that help you get through any change — ones that you may want to make and those that life hands you unexpectedly.

The nine principles of change:

  1. Change Your View of Change: Beliefs Can Make all the Difference. Your biggest need right now is to develop new beliefs: about yourself, about this change and about life in general. Nothing will have a bigger impact on moving through change. The Change Manifesto™ shows a new fresh view of change.

  2. The Change Guarantee™: From This Situation, Something Good Will Come. Every change always has a gift associated with it. While it's natural to find change hard, it's important to remember that there are two sides to every coin and that something good will always come. This is, by far, the most important belief to have during the first thirty days of change.

  3. The Change Muscle™: You're Stronger than You Think. You are much stronger, much smarter and much more intuitive than you have ever been told. You are more resilient and more powerful. Once you truly know and believe this, you will be able to get through any change-even the hardest one you can imagine — by activating your change muscle.

  4. Change Demons: How to Recognize Negative Emotions and Move Past Them. Emotions are like fuel during change. The negative ones can stall us, making change harder, while the positive ones can help us move through a change in a simpler, quicker, more conscious way.

  5. The Gift of Acceptance: Resisting Change is Not the Answer. Acceptance is an essential part of change. Without it, we resist the forward momentum of the next thing and remain stuck in what once was. Let go of your idea of how life should be.

  6. The Things You Can Control: What You Say, Think and Feel. At your most stuck point, if you can speak different words, think a slightly better thought and get in touch with how you are feeling, you can become unstuck in a matter of minutes.

  7. Meet your Spiritual Side: Where Tranquility, Ideas and Wisdom Live. When everything around you is changing, look for the part of yourself that doesn't fear change-the part of that is always there, 24/7. It knows the way through.

  8. Your Change Support Team: The People and Things That Can Help. During change, it's natural to believe that we are alone, but whatever the situation, there is always someone or something that can help.

  9. Get Unstuck: Actions to Move You Through Any Change. During the first thirty days of any change, it's natural to feel stuck. But now is the time to take action. Actions come in many forms. Some are big and obvious; some are so small you may think they are irrelevant. But any action you take is a choice to move forward.

Ariane, also shares many inspiring stories of people who have gone through every type of life change, detailing what helped them and what tips they would give to someone going through a similar change today. This book is ideal for anyone in the midst of a life change-be it something tough or exciting-and is also a wonderful gift for any friend or loved one that may just need an extra little bit of help. It is full of hope, wisdom, life skills and radical belief in the human spirit and in life.

Harper Collins is the publisher and our partner in this endeavor, and will release the book in April 2008.

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