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Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen

Headhunter of Hundreds of Heads guides and author of How to...

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Susan Miller

Susan Miller

President and founder of JUSTMOVED! N.E.W. Ministries and...

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Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

Career planner and creative life transition expert

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Congratulations on your decision to make a move. Moving to a new city has been a natural part of the human experience for hundreds of years and nearly 44 million Americans do it every year! Even so, it can be a daunting process and you may be feeling apprehensive.

During the next 30 days, we will help you . . .

  • Create a thorough moving plan
  • Learn about your new city
  • Appreciate your old city
  • Say goodbye to loved ones
  • Feel secure and happy about the decision you have made

On your first day of moving to a new city, get a journal to take notes throughout the process. What are you in search of? What do you hope to accomplish? In the first few pages, write down all the reasons you decided to make this move. Be honest! This journal also works as a great place to keep track of all the logistics of your move, like to-do lists and upcoming activities.

DID YOU KNOW? 62% of Americans still live in the place they were born? Celebrate your decision to be among the 38% who choose to write their own adventure by moving to a new city.

Posted: 5/23/24
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To be closer to everything especially healthcare. Its where I intend to Re-build my life, continue my education, open a business and perhaps start a new family.