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Our Moving to a New City Experts

Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen

Headhunter of Hundreds of Heads guides and author of How to...

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Susan Miller

Susan Miller

President and founder of JUSTMOVED! N.E.W. Ministries and...

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Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

Career planner and creative life transition expert

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Moving for Seniors: A Step-by-Step Workbook

A step-by-step workbook that makes moving easy for both seniors and children to deal with, as well as plenty of funny tips about what needs to be done in order to secure a move.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:40 PM EST more »


Moving the Nest: A Mid-Life Guide to Relocating

When the Faller’s children left home, they decided to move from New York City to get a new start in the Midwest. This book offers the Faller’s personal perspectives on how they decided to move and make a new start.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:35 PM EST more »


On The Move: The Complete Guide To Relocating

A handy and helpful guide with to-do lists, strategies and worksheets that will help with staying organized through any relocation. On the Move is based on Saylor’s expertise as a Certified Relocation Professional and from her personal experiences of moving her family.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:44 PM EST more »


Pulling Up Stakes: A Relocation Guide for Families

This book guides you through the emotional challenges of dealing with an unexpected move. It offers suggestions and strategies to help with the emotional changes of leaving your old home and moving into a new one.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:39 PM EST more »


Simply Essential Home Moving Kit, by Richard Stephens

Orchestrate a move in an organized and timely manner with the Simply Essential Home Moving Kit. It deals with neighborhood-to-neighborhood, city-to-city and country-to-country moves, and contains information and checklists covering budgeting, choosing a moving company, formulating a timeline, packing and ensuring a smooth arrival in the new home.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:46 PM EST more »


Smooth Moves

Find all the aspects of moving—from choosing a realtor and selling your house to purchasing a new one, as well as packing and unpacking in your new home. Carlisle gives insight from her personal moves to seven states and six houses, all with her three children in tow.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:34 PM EST more »


Steiner's Complete How-To-Move Handbook

The Steiners, a couple who’ve relocated numerous times in five dozen countries, have plenty of tips on finding rentals, sublets and trades, as well as ratings of moving companies, plus tips on getting settled in a new neighborhood.
Posted: 11/18/2007 07:45 PM EST more »