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Top 5 Things to Do

So you’re moving to a new city? Here are five important things to do to get through the first 30 days of your move. Whether the move has been well thought out or is a surprise, whether it’s happening next month or next year, whether it involves one person or six—these tips will be your golden guide to getting through the transition with grace.

1. Make a move plan.

Get out a calendar and a grab a notebook. Write down everything that needs to get done from big things like packing, hiring movers or finding an apartment to little tasks like getting copies of school and medical records and shutting off and turning on phone service. Use a checklist with deadlines to stay on track.

2. Research your new city.

Get the lay of the land before you arrive. Buy a map and a travel book that breaks down the city by areas or neighborhoods. Find out what the city is famous for or what kind of weather you can expect. Call the local chamber of commerce and request information on everything from restaurants and bars to local attorneys and banks.

3. Collect some memories.

Go to your favorite places and take pictures. Make an effort to stop by favorite restaurants or spots you’ve spent a lot of time at to gather little mementos to take with you when you move. If you’ve got a favorite store that carries items you’ve made your signature, stop in and stock up.

4. Say goodbye.

Aside from holding a formal goodbye party, make time for one-on-one moments with family and close friends. Keep the goodbyes upbeat by turning them into an activity. Go to one last baseball game with your best friend or dinner at your favorite restaurant. Schedule a picnic in the park for the kids or a Sunday afternoon BBQ.

5. See this as a new chapter.

People look at moving as the absolute end of one life and the absolute beginning of another. This view can be a heavy burden to bear and the cause of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Your move to a new city is just the natural progression of the life you have built so far. View the move as the latest chapter you are writing in the great novel that is your life!

Posted: 10/3/07